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This search engine only searches for items in auctions. It was created for use by the average customer (not dealer.) Most people collect one or two items and I wanted to help them find those items exactly.

This search engine was originally constructed for 2 reasons. The first reason was because we would like to help the participants of Amy's Auctions find what they want fast and easy. The second reason is that with the growth of auctions everywhere, it's getting tougher and tougher to keep track of them all and all the lots that they have. I figured that by making one search engine for auction lots, it would mean much less time for the person looking for something.

We are not responsible for your bidding in auctions. And we are not responsible for auctions' rules. Each auction has it's own set of rules, so please read them and abide by them. We can not guarentee that all lots will be shown except in the case that you have bought space from us. Other auctions' search engines may not be as accurate as ours (on our own system). We cannot search other peoples' systems. We can only show you what their search engines show (when they are not on our system, compares.com).


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