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The following sites may be of interest to you if you are looking for boats:

Auction Universe

Online Auctions. Easy, fun! No advance payments. No winning bids = NO FEES! 1,300 best selected categories. Up to 100 auctions each! Also hold auctions on your site and keep customers there!


Person-to-person auction and classifieds web site

Ohio valley premier online auction,free postings and free classifieds ads.

MyBy Auctions

Polar Auctions

FREE Canadian auctions and classifieds combined. Deal with other Canadians in Canadian dollars! Always free auctions and classifieds. Live chat forums and message boards. Categories for everything, and if we don't have a category you need, we'll create it!


GeoSearch Engine Auction

Geology related and includes rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and more!


Auction website with 3400 different categories and growing! Buyselltrade - Free online auctions site. Free bulk lister. No listing fees!

QuickBidAuctionOffers online auction & bidding listings in multiple categories with multiple online auction search, information, software, tools and tips on buying and selling products on the web like antiques, jewelry, computers, coins, stamps, automobiles, memorabilia, sporting goods, music and trading cards.

Bid2Buy1 - Online auction site offering free listings, free image hosting, free auction templates and no final fees!

Sellers and Buyers are certified and verified ensuring a higher level of security and quality transaction. Categories range from high end consumer to collectibles and networks.

Auction 1 Online

A brand new free listings auction. Registration is free. You pay nothing unless it sells (except optional fees, such as featured on front page or bold listing, which are also affordable). Commission is only 1% no matter how much the item costs. Join today!
  • Danny Lawler Auctions

    Danny Lawler Auctions is a real auction company commissioned by many government agencies to sell surplus government equipment, law enforcement seized vehicles, including drug seizures, items involved in state and federal racketeering cases, etc... We also have recently added the capability of "on-line" bidding to our internet customers.


Antiques, Collectibles and more in a fun easy interactive format. Coins, Stamps, Jewelry, Beads, Postcards, Ephemera , Comics, Trading Cards, Toys, Dolls, Beanie Babies, Glass, Prints , Collectibles and much more! No listing fees and free to the buyer.


Auctioneer V3


    An interesting site devoted exclusively to the promotion and exchange of pinback buttons and peripheral items. A great place to visit and do business for dealer and collector alike. Whether your interest is in 19th Century politicals or 1990's Mickey Mouse Buttons, you are welcome. So, come and browse and enjoy yourself.


  • Up4Auction
    From Antiques to Computers . . . from Beanie Babies to Coins . . . from Collectibles to Jewelry . . . from Figurines to Diamonds . . . from Memorabilia to Trading Cards . . . Absolutely Everything's Up4Auction is the world's most comprehensive online auct ion.
  • specializes in antiques, art & collectibles, connecting buyers to dealers, dealers to dealers and businesses related to antiques, art & collectibles.
    MyCityAuction will offer online auction for localities.
  • is a specialty auction site focusing on all things "mechanical". The ultimate choice for buying or selling cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, all terrain vehicles, boats, personal watercraft, recreational vehicles, trucks and trailers, aircraft, construction and heavy equipment, tractors and farm implements, machine shop equipment, tools, memorabilia, apparel, reference material and of course, parts for all things "mechanical".



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